Youth Programs

The foundation of our youth programming is to continue the development of physical literacy through the Train to Train and Train to Compete stages of Long-Term Athlete Development. This is true if a youth is competing in sport or just wanting to live an active lifestyle. Critical to this stage of development is proper strength, mobility and conditioning to assist injury prevention. PISE’s Girl Powered and Boys’ B.L.A.S.T.T. are specifically designed for this purpose, while DRIVE is geared towards high performance development. For more information on EST, SPARK and custom High Performance training for aspiring athletes, please see our High Performance Youth Programs section.

GIRL POWERED! (AGES 11 – 15)Girl-Powered-PISE-training-Kevin-Light-Photography

PISE is proud to offer this program that focuses on injury reduction protocols, incorporating progressive strengthening for the core, upper and lower body, plyometrics, functional movement practices and feedback-driven technique modification. These interventions have been shown to be
effective in reducing injuries in young women.

FREE Sample: M     May 1     6:00 – 7:00pm    Reg. #3840

M   6:00 – 7:00pm    May 8 – Jun 26    $77($92)    Reg. #3839 


BOYS B.L.A.S.T.T. (AGES 11 – 15)

This age-appropriate resistance training program will teach youth the correct lifting techniques in all major functional movement areas  required to enhance performance, strengthen bones and muscles, improve balance and help prevent injuries. Each class will focus on the core concepts needed to develop competence and confidence in a Fitness Centre environment while imparting crucial knowledge and safe practices essential to healthy development.

FREE Sample: May 2    5:25 – 6:25pm    Reg. #3838

option 1: T    5:25 6:25pm   May 9 – Jun 27    *$88($103) Reg. #3836

option 2: Th 5:25 6:25pm    May 11 - Jun 29  *$88($103) Reg. #3837



PISE DRIVE training- Kevin Light Photography In order to maximize your performance in the shell, it is important to supplement your time on the water with dry land training. This program is created specifically to improve your rowing performance with training protocols designed to increase mobility, decrease the risk of acute and chronic injury and improve strength and power. Developed by former National Team Rower, Lindsay Lynk (née Forget), up and coming rowers will learn the weight room fundamentals and rowing specific conditioning protocols to take their performance to the next level!

session 1: T/Th 6:30 7:30am May 2 – Jun 29    *$198($213) Reg. #3833

session 2: T/Th 6:30 7:30am Jul 4 – 27    *$90($105) Reg. #3835

OPTION 1 will take place Glenlyon Norfolk School (GNS). Registration will open Jan 5, 2017.

OPTION 2 will take place in the High Performance Gym at PISE. Registration will open Dec 6, 2017.



Ideal for field, court or skating athletes, these sessions will develop the skills you need to take your performance to the next level. This program focuses specifically on the skills required to move quickly and efficiently by improving your first step quickness, top speed and ability to change direction. Outmaneuver your competition!
Session 2: M    5:00 6:00pm    Jun 5 – Jun 26    *$44($59)   Reg. #3841



The Spark Athlete Development program introduces young athletes ages 12 – 15 to a high performance lifestyle and is the first step on the developmental pathway to National program recognition. Training sessions are designed to increase fitness, athleticism and physical literacy. They are complimentary to your athlete’s current sport-specific training and competition schedule. Give your exceptional athlete the Spark they need to realize their goals and achieve their potential.

Session 1: T/Th   5:00 6:15pm     May 2 – Jun 29    *$216($231)     Reg. #3843

Session 2: T/Th   5:00 6:15pm     Jul 4 – Aug 31   *$216($231)     Reg. #3983

BOCCIA (age 4 – 14)


Boccia is a Paralympic sport that can be played by anyone, with or without a disability. Originally designed for people with severe cerebral palsy, it is now enjoyed by players with a wide variety of abilities Learn how to play the game of boccia, develop physical literacy skills and knowledge of strategy. Boccia is a sport of precision, focus and accuracy. It is a complex and technical game where players must employ a great degree of both physical coordination and mental foresight, but above all it is FUN! Open to all ages and abilities.

at Queen Alexandra Centre for Children’s Health

Sunday   11:45am – 12:45pm     Apr 23 – Jun 11   *$14 ($18)     Reg. #3727

Specialized Performance Training

Looking to make it to the next level?
Whether it is improving your race time or making the team, PISE can help you achieve your goal. Strength and Conditioning is a critical component to any athlete’s training program. Our coaches have the knowledge and experience to give you the edge you are looking for. Whether you need for individual, small group or team training sessions the following are some of the specific areas we can help develop.

  • Energy Systems training (Sessions use real time biometrics)
  • Athlete Power & Speed Development
  • Athletic & Exercise Therapy
  • Agility Training
  • Strength Training
  • Sport Specific injury prevention
  • In/Out Season Sport Specific Training Packages

For registration information, please contact