What Happened to Me?

~Louise Huneck and Larry Varga, PISE membersCommunity-of-month-231x300[1]

It crept upon us slow and sideways. Desk jobs and sports injuries, combined with the calorie intake of an Olympic athlete, had us singing along with Adam Sandler’s What the Hell Happened to Me? Comments from the doctor during a routine check up suddenly changed from, “You’re a little underweight” to “You should really drop a few pounds”. Our vocabularies expanded as terms like rotator cuff, bursa sac, arthritis, carpal tunnel, medial collateral and anterior cruciate ligaments, patella, and meniscus became a part of daily conversation. We could list off enough body parts to make a kinesthesiologist take notice. A litany of practitioners began to salivate and rub their hands gleefully as we tried every concoction, therapy and contortion routine to get back on track. We were middle aged and we ached. We were swollen, we couldn’t sleep, we felt tired, and our breakfast table had more pills than food. Work was increasingly stressful; vacation time was less enjoyable because all we wanted to do was sleep. We knew what we needed to do, up until age 40 we were super fit, but every time we started an exercise routine, we got sick. A cold, flu, or swollen joints would stop us before we had barely started. We just couldn’t seem to get moving. With bellies pointing skyward, enough evenings were spent in front of the TV on a reclining love seat for us to become credible movie critics.

Then we read in the Saanich News about PISE. There were photos of a new, shiny fitness facility with knowledgeable instructors that was open to the public. Having done weight training in our twenties and thirties, we decided to check it out. We walked in, asked a few questions, and were treated with such courtesy that we returned the next day and bought passes. The space is amazing – clean, and fully equipped, but it is really the people that make PISE special. Because of the expertise and generous guidance given by the staff, many of our previous ailments have vanished. Our golf scores have lowered, we can windsurf all day instead of just for a few hours, our bicycles are no longer dusty, a backpacking trip is again a possibility, and despite being told to sell our ski equipment, we recently enjoyed a wonderful day on the slopes of Mt. Washington. We’ve been coming to the gym for two years and although we still need to drop a few pounds, thanks to everyone at PISE, we’re having fun again!