Usage Agreement

Users agrees that the use of the facility rental:

  1. Does not conflict with PISE’s Mission and Values and is in accordance with PISE’s policy on Facilities Use.
  2. Does not cause interference with the orderly functioning of PISE or infringe upon the rights or privileges of others; these rights include the right to peaceful pursuit of PISE activities and to enjoy the rule of law.
  3. Does not promote hatred or discrimination against, or expose to contempt, any person or group of persons as applicable under legislation or law.
  4. Does not advertise, promote or operate programs or services that compete with PISE programs and does not compete with PISE activities including commercial activities or those that otherwise conflict with current contracts or agreements.
  5. Does not directly or indirectly contravene provisions of any law, statute, regulation, by-law, enactment, policy, or otherwise, of Canada, of the Province of British Columbia the Municipality of Saanich and of PISE. This includes the Criminal Code of Canada, the Human Rights Act of British Columbia, the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and other laws of general application.
  6. Will be used solely for conduct related to their activities and the Users will be held financially responsible for any damages to the facility or loss or replacement of any equipment that is damaged or lost that may be incurred as a result of their activity.
  7. Users agrees that boisterous or nuisance persons will be requested to leave PISE.
  8. Will be used only for the activities for which they have been designated.
  9. Smoking is not allowed on any part of the property including the parking lot.


PISE preferred cater is Geffen Gourmet Catering.

Signage and Décor

Users agrees not to affix décor or signage to PISE property with nails, screws or staple guns and agrees to remove all décor and signage directly following the event.

Grounds and Courtyards

Users may request to rent designated outdoor space for a fee if available. Renting outdoor space must be arranged by the Users at the time of booking. It is prohibited to park vehicles on grounds, lawns and turf field.


Waste and recyclable containers may be provided upon request. Users agrees to appropriately dispose of all garbage generated by the event immediately thereafter. Users agrees that the rental facility will be left clean and in an organized fashion.


All facility Users are responsible for cleaning up after their event If the rental facility is not left in an organized fashion approved by PISE management a Cleaning Fee will be applied at a rate of $50/hr for the amount of time it takes to return the rental facility to its original condition. A pre and post inspection of the rental facility will be done. All events with food and drink will be levied a minimum $100 cleaning fee. If additional cleaning is required, fees will levied as per above.

Room Set-up Fees

Any set up or take down time MUST be included in the requested time for the booking. All Facility Users are responsible for ensuring that they do not go over their allotted time. If the Facility Users wishes to have PISE arrange the rooms in a manner different from the classroom format then a room set up fee of $25/hr will be applied.

All Users are required to return the room to the original manner unless arranged otherwise with PISE management. If the rooms are not returned in proper condition then a strike down fee of $40/hr will be applied.


  • Should have four rows of tables with twelve chairs per row.
  • There should be 45 chairs in total in the classroom.
  • Spare tables and chairs may be stored in the storage closet please see front desk staff on level one for the key.


Parking on campus is subject to the PISE and Camosun College parking regulations and as such, the Users agrees that parking charges will be at the Users’ expense. Ensure that your patrons realize the difference in the areas of the parking lot. Monday to Friday PISE parking is a paid lot.


Users agrees to hire Security Guards for an event depending on size, scope and activity should the PISE deem Security necessary. Any event with alcohol will be deeming necessary to have security attending at the Users’ expense.


Smoking is prohibited in or on PISE grounds. Please ensure your patrons and participants are aware of this regulation.


Users agrees that sounds levels from musical instruments or recorded music will be kept to a reasonable level. The Users must obtain SOCAN licensing if they are using music for their event.

Use of PISE Name/Logo

The PISE name and/or logo may not be used to advertise an event unrelated to PISE’s business. It is permitted to name PISE and its specific venue as the location of the event on invitations.

Payment and Deposit

  • All fees including HST must be paid in full at the time of booking or at least 30 days prior to the facility usage. Payment by credit card, debit card, check or cash will be accepted.
  • If booking is made less than 30 days prior to the facility usage, payment in cash, debit card or credit card will be accepted. Checks will not be accepted.

Damage Deposit

All Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence rentals are required to submit their credit card number to act as a damage deposit which is due at the time of application. Credit Cards will not be processed under the following conditions.

  • The facility and grounds are left in a clean and orderly manner.
  • Use of the facility does not exceed the scheduled time.
  • Additional staff time is not required.
  • All equipment is accounted for and undamaged.

If the above conditions are not met to the satisfaction of Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence staff, a fee will be billed to the client. Please plan ahead when scheduling an event as overtime charges for staff and facility use will be billed. Facility Users are responsible for any damage to the facility by the Users or outside contractors brought in by Users for their event. Any Janitorial service will be billed according to the current hourly rate paid by the Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence and repairs will be billed for the full replacement cost incurred.