Resource Material Provision

MEGAPISE has created two main resources to aid other organizations being able to deliver their own physical literacy programs; I Can Develop Physical Literacy and Maximum Engagement in Games and Activities (MEGA). These resources are both free to obtain and are designed to be usable by themselves. The I CAN Teach Physical Literacy resource is to support working with children with autism and was developed with the Canucks Autism Network. I CAN Teach Physical Literacy is available on our website here and MEGA is available through the Active for Life website. Additionally, PISE provides a resource of full lesson plans to the teachers involved in our Teacher Mentorship Program.

I-CAN-Cover_webCanada is seen as a world leader in physical literacy, and PISE is taking up a place as a leader in Canada. We facilitated two presentations at the 2015 International Physical Literacy Conference in Vancouver and receive calls on a consistent basis about how we deliver programs and the steps we take to make them successful.