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PISE Physical LiteracyLooking for Winter programs for kids over 10, view our youth programs.

We teach fundamental movement skills through games and play!

PISE’s goal is to help create a Physically Literate Community. The foundation of our efforts towards this goal is in offering fun children’s programming that teaches the fundamental movement skills that develop Physical Literacy. This helps build the confidence necessary for a lifetime of sport and physical activity, leading to being active for life. PISE is excited to be offering this in the community!

PISE offers Physical Literacy programs at a number of locations within Victoria. Registration is through the organization where the program is located. Programs are listed below and can also be viewed in our Winter 2015 Program Guide! If you have trouble viewing the flipbook, download the pdf.

Mini Movers – Parent & Tot (ages 18 months – 3 years)

This parent and tot program takes a playful approach to exploring fundamental movement skills. Enjoy leader coordinated dancing, games and free play that will begin your child’s physical literacy journey. Create positive physical activity experiences and get your child moving right from the start!

Gordon Head Middle School

Sa  10:00 – 10:45am     Apr 22 – Jun 3  (no class May 20)    6/$42      Reg. #801173

Active Start (ages 3-5)

Let’s laugh, play and explore the building blocks of movement! This program teaches Physical Literacy skills like running, jumping, throwing, agility, balance and coordination through games and play. Introducing kids to these skills will ensure they are on the path to becoming active for life!

Gordon Head Middle School

Sa   11:00 – 11:45am      Apr 22 – Jun 3 (no class May 20)   6/$42      Reg. #801429

Active Start Parents

Get active and have fun while your kids are doing the same! During the Active Start program, we are offering you the chance to get your fitness fix in for the day while the kids are busy! Join a Strength and Conditioning Coach in a 45 minute workout focussing on simple, fun
exercises that develop strength and stamina and can be completed at home just as easily!

Gordon Head Middle School

Sa   11:00 – 11:45am      Apr 22 – Jun 3 (no class May 20)  6/$48      Reg. #801432

Run,Jump,Soccer! - Parent & Tot (ages 3-5)

Develop physical literacy skills that build both you and your child’s ability to play, learn and have fun! Parents will play warm up games with their children, separate for their own activity session and then combine once again for a final fun filled activity! Come dressed ready to play and interact with your children and the PISE instructors!

Finlayson Turf

W   10:00 – 11:00am      Apr 26 – May 31      5/$63 (no class May 17)    Reg. #53088

Active Play (ages 5-7)

This games and play based program focuses on fundamental movement skills like running, jumping and catching and also introduces sport skills like dribbling and striking. Developing these skills ensures kids will have the competence and confidence they need for a lifetime of physical activity.

Gordon Head Middle School

Sa   12:00 – 1:00pm      Apr 22 – Jun 3 (no class May 20)   6/$48       Reg. #801152

Adapted Physical Literacy

Active Development

This program is open to children with any form of developmental disability (cognitive or physical) or illness. The program is designed to improve confidence and competence in movement skills and provide a safe place to play with peers. PISE leaders adapt activities to make sure that all children find success and have their individual needs met.


Session 2:

option 1: (ages 3-5)    Sa   9:00 – 10:00pm     Apr 22 – Jun 17 (no class May 7 & 20)      7/$14   Reg. #3574

Building on the skills developed in early childhood, children will develop fundamental sport skills such as striking a ball with an implement as well as more complex movement patterns.

option 2: (ages 6-10)  Sa   10:00 – 11:00pm      Apr 22 – Jun 17 (no class May 7 & 20)     7/$14  Reg. #3674

Power Physical Literacy

Children ages 3-7 learn to improve their driving skills of their power mobility chairs. Offering a wide open space to practice driving and also be challenged through obstacle courses and games, this unique program is open to all children who are currently in a power mobility chair or will be acquiring one in the future. In partnership with the Queen Alexandra Centre for Children’s Health

Please contact Chris Wright at 250.220.2540 or for more information or to register for this program.


Learn how to play the game of boccia, develop physical literacy skills and knowledge of strategy. Boccia is a sport of precision, focus and accuracy. It is a complex and technical game where players must employ a great degree of both physical coordination and mental foresight, but above all it is FUN! Open to all ages and abilities!

at Queen Alexandra Centre for Children’s Health (Arbutus road location)


option 1: (ages 4-14)  Su   11:45 – 12:45pm      Apr 23 – Jun 11 (no class May 21)     7/$14  Reg. #3727

option 2: (ages 15+)   Su   11:45 – 12:45pm      Apr 23 – Jun 11 (no class May 21)     7/$14  Reg. #3728


Visit our Camps website for info about the Spring Break and Pro-D Day fun PISE offers!