The Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence, built on Camosun College property, falls under the parking jurisdiction of Camosun College. PISE parking guidelines are also printed on the PISE parking machine.

For immediate assistance or for clarification, please contact the PISE front desk at 250-220-2510.Parking

PISE Parking Guidelines:

1. The area designated for PISE clients is marked by a yellow line, at the east end of lot #8, closest to the facility.

2. PISE parking costs $2 for two hours. Tickets for the PISE lot must be purchased from the ticket machine located in the PISE parking area.

NOTE: Parking tickets purchased from the PISE machine are not valid in the Camosun parking area.

Extra night time parking at PISE.

There are 10 spaces marked for PISE clients after 5pm. Look for the Robbins signs.

Overflow parking:

1. In the event the PISE lot is full, clients can park on the Camosun side of the lot at the rate of $3.25 for 4 hours.

2. Tickets for the Camosun lot must be purchased from the ticket machine on the Camosun of the lot.

a. Tickets purchased from the Camosun ticket machine, are not valid in the PISE lot.


1. PISE has a 5 minute pick-up/drop-off area in the roundabout, in front of the main entrance, on the upper level.

a. Please note: this area is also a fire lane so please do not leave your car unattended in this location.

Accessibility Parking:

1. PISE has 3 Accessible parking spaces located in-front of the roundabout, near the front entrance, on the main level.