PISE provides a full range of services to the community to assist in achieving overall health and well-being. We provide membership, personal conditioning, community programs, testing, athletic and exercise therapy, workshops, mental training and children’s programs at schools, in the community and at PISE. Over 13,000 children, youth and adults receive PISE services each year. A high percentage of our memberships are no cost access membership given to support individual development, whether it be for students in the Camosun Centre for Sport and Exercise Education, members of the Victoria Wheelchair Sports Association or participants in the Times Colonist Health Challenge.

One of PISE’s main objectives is to provide opportunity and access to physical literacy enriched programming for everyone, including socio-economically disadvantaged communities and individuals. A lot of this we do by providing programming directly through community centres, schools and organisations.

Where are PISE programs being offered for children and youth?

PISE’s goal is to help create a healthy, active community by providing opportunities and access to Physical literacy programming for everyone. PISE reaches over 4000 children and youth each year. We work with many schools and organizations to provide in school, after school and community programs. Additionally we offer programs in collaboration with Community Recreation Centres and Summer Camps at PISE. PISE takes the concept of physical literacy and develops fun games, play and activity based programs around the fundamental movement skills.

We currently teach over 700 children / youth during the school year in our physical literacy programs every week. Many of PISE’s programs are supported through grants and provide free physical literacy programming for aboriginal youth, low income or at risk youth. Some of the organizations we work with are:

Community Living Victoria

Canucks Autism Network

Recreation Integration Victoria

Queen Alexandra Centre for Children’s Health

Strong Start BC

BC Childhood Cancer Parents Association

Saanich Parks and Recreation

City of Victoria

Panorama Recreation


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