Mental Training Services

Christie Gialloreto Mental Training PISEMental skill training can help athletes and individuals build a solid foundation for better concentration, confidence and perspective in both sport and life. By enhancing awareness of thinking habits and incorporating mental strategies into daily training, athletes create an opportunity to gain a higher level of mental strength needed to excel on and off the field of play.

Develop your mental game foundation through discussions, education and sport and goal specific applications. Skill areas such as goal setting and evaluations, self-talk practices, focusing techniques, self-regulation strategies, emotions, injury, teambuilding, pre-competition planning and post-competition debriefing are available.  The PISE community is made up of a wide variety of clients seeking better habits in health and wellness overall and including work on the mental game is a key component. We offer free workshops during to program clients during the year and enjoy working with the Times Colonist Health Challenge participants on their personal journeys to health.

Christie Gialloreto, PISE’s Mental Training Consultant, has a passion to help athletes of all ages reach their potential through confidential one on one personal counselling as well as team or group sessions. She has enjoyed working with athletes in over 40 sports ranging from recreational to international levels of competition.

In addition to completing a PISE waiver, clients under the age of 19 will be required to submit a Treatment of Minors Consent form signed by a parent (s) or guardian. Informed Consent forms will be required for all clients to sign and will be verbally reviewed in session.

Sessions are booked to meet your schedule.


Please contact Elysia Atkinson for more information or to book.

Christie Gialloreto, PISE’s Mental Training Consultant, holds a Master’s of Science in Counselling Psychology, is a Certified Canadian Counselor and a Registered Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists. Read Christie’s Bio