Inspiration & Encouragement to Make a Change!

~Beatrice Worsley, PISE client

When I came to PISE and joined the WOW (Women on Weights) group two and a half years ago, I was sedentary, Bea-Worsley_web-300x199[1]overweight and very out of shape. Joining this group was a challenge for me as I had become very comfortable with a way of living that kept me inside my home with little contact with the outside world. Knowing that I couldn’t continue the way I was going and thrive, I took a big step outside my comfort zone to find help to change.

What I found, even from my first phone call, was encouragement to give WOW a try, that I would find a great group of women there looking to be healthy and fit. I found it a challenge to face what I had done to my own health, both mentally and physically. I’m sure some wondered if I could do it but I found I could stick with this program because of the fabulous trainers and my WOW friends, who ran beside me when I wanted to stop, who encouraged me to not give up on myself.

Along the way, I learned about healthy eating from our trainers, losing 60 lbs of useless fat and gaining about 20 lbs of muscle. I am a different person now because I decided to believe I was worth the effort and that I could do, mentally and physically, what I hadn’t thought possible. I also became part of the community at PISE and the WOW group of fabulous women.

Thanks to all of you WOW ladies, our trainers Lindsay, Andie and others who have helped me. I am alive and thriving, even running a few 10k races with more planned. I had never imagined that my life would take such a positive turn. I want to encourage any women struggling like I was, please stick your head out from under whatever is keeping you down, explore what would help you to live in a healthy way, even joining PISE. You are worth it! Let it change your life for the better, in ways more wonderful than you could ever imagine.