In Schools


In September 2010, PISE started in-school physical literacy programming at two local elementary schools. Now, PISE delivers P.E. programming, Before & After School options and Teacher Mentorship programs at 11 schools throughout Victoria and Saanich. At certain locations, a high percentage of the school’s children face significant social and economic challenges.

“I believe that PISE has provided a much needed program to poverty stricken, marginalized children. The direct link with brain development at this age and the ability to learn and engage is paramount and we know so much more now, about the importance of this ‘healthy activity/ healthy life skills’ approach. We will look back over time and say, “these children (this cohort) benefitted from participating in the PISE program.”~ Local teacher

Physical Literacy Teacher Mentorship ProgramParticipant and leader interaction.

The aim of the Physical Literacy Teacher Mentorship Program is to provide teachers access to knowledgeable and skilled staff that have expertise in providing fun and engaging physical literacy enriched programming. As well as access to PISE staff, we also provide resources so that the teachers are able to build on what they learn during the PISE facilitated PE classes so that they are able to utilize and develop their physical literacy knowledge and skills over time. The lesson plans provided in the Teacher Mentorship binder contain curriculum based activities that teach and progress various fundamental movement and fundamental sport skills throughout the year. Each class will be provided with its own grade specific binder. Also, so the school and teachers can be successful moving forward, we provide an equipment bag with all the various equipment mentioned in the lesson plans included, so the teachers will always have access to the right equipment.