High Performance Youth Programs

Take your child to the next level this summer with our upcoming PISE Sport Specific Summer Camps!

SPARK (AGES 12 – 14)Spark_logo

The Spark Athlete Development program introduces young athletes to a high performance lifestyle and is the first step on the developmental pathway to National program recognition. Training sessions are designed to increase fitness, athleticism and physical literacy. They are complimentary to athlete’s current sport specific training and competition schedule. Give your exceptional athlete the Spark they need to realize their goals and achieve their potential.

To learn more about this program, Contact us for further information.

Specialized Performance Training

est_webLooking to make it to the next level?
Whether it is improving your race time or making the team, PISE can help you achieve your goal. Strength and Conditioning is a critical component to any athlete’s training program. Our coaches have the knowledge and experience to give you the edge you are looking for. Whether you need for individual, small group or team training sessions the following are some of the specific areas we can help develop.

  • Energy Systems training (Sessions use real time biometrics)
  • Athlete Power & Speed Development
  • Athletic & Exercise Therapy
  • Agility Training
  • Strength Training
  • Sport Specific injury prevention
  • In/Out Season Sport Specific Training Packages

For registration information, please contact info@piseworld.com.