Cindy Harnett on PISE’s Chris Hinton

The career trajectory of Chris Hinton, already the strength and conditioning co-coordinator for PISE, looked promising-until…Last week Hinton was assigned to be my trainer for the 12-week Health Challenge.

I didn’t see his face when they told him, but I can only imagine that prior to the news he looked younger, happier.

So far, Hinton has prescribed for me a plan based on my goals and abilities and his personal experience of how to safely and effectively whip sedentary people back into shape.

An athlete and workout enthusiast his entire life-with a kinesiology degree from the University of Victoria-he says he takes great satisfaction in training all kinds of people from all walks of life in how to achieve overall and lifelong strength and fitness. Who am I to suggest that in my case he’s lying? I haven’t exercised since my daughter was born five years ago. I’m terrified of injuring myself and….

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