Athletic Therapy

Are you recovering from an injury or health condition?

Athletic Therapy at PISE consists of individualized evaluation and implementation of safe and effective exercise prescription for injuries, functional limitations and temporary physical disabilities. Its purpose is to improve musculoskeletal function, orthopedic limitations, reduce pain with activity and maintain a healthy state of well-being with current physical disabilities or injuries. Athletic and Exercise Therapy can benefit everything from the common muscle strain to the chronic nagging injury.

A certified Athletic Therapist will conduct an initial assessment and consultation to evaluate and prescribe exercise and rehabilitation procedures specific to your condition.

Services we can provide:

• Injury Assessment
• Biomechanical Assessment
• Rehabilitation Exercise Prescription
• Return to Activity/Work Exercise Programs
• Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) Techniques
• Manual Stretching Procedures
• Joint Mobilization Techniques
• Supportive Taping & Bracing Application
• Cryotherapy Application
• Massage

If you have further questions about Athletic & Exercise Therapy, please contact Elysia Atkinson at or 250.220.2586.