An Inspiring Story

~Donja Blokker Dalquist, PISE client

breast-cancer-ribbon-216x300[1]After a diagnosis of early stage breast cancer, I decided that I needed to be in the best possible shape to successfully survive a 9 hour surgery. Though I hated going to the gym, I came to PISE at my husband’s urging and began a program with a personal trainer. Six months later, I sailed through my surgery. Seven months after that, I felt like a new woman, or more accurately, like the woman who loved to hike with a 60 pound backpack I once was. Seven months after my surgery I was backpacking in the Russian Wilderness of Northern California visiting lakes I hadn’t seen in over 30 years.

PISE works with me to train for new adventures in the wilds of the world. My trainer, Lindsay, has designed training programs to support these trips. My next adventure is to celebrate my sixtieth birthday, swimming from island to island in the British Virgin Islands with SwimTrek. I love coming to PISE because I’m surrounded by serious athletes who train hard. They inspire me to work harder and that inspiration has profoundly enriched my life.