A Good Place to Be

~ Philip Tarrant, Intervention Services Supervisor, Boys & Girls Club Services of Greater Victoria

Its mid-August and the hallway of our Boys & Girls Club is filled with laughter and excitement. A nutritional lunch is being served up in the kitchen area and the participants of our day program are eager to devour.

This scene is not replicated often enough but we’re working on it. And without a doubt we can trace the origins of this positive atmosphere to PISE. We have started what we hope will become a long term partnership with PISE where they share our commitment to the overall physical, cognitive and emotional development of all youth.

The scenario mentioned above occurred right after a great work out with PISE Strength & Conditioning Coach Dave. The self confidence that these youth come away with after their workouts is hard to quantify but here we are in October and already we see positive results in other aspects of their lives – particularly in their schooling. These youth have a renewed interest and focus in setting and achieving their goals which we know are the transferrable skills from their physical activities.

Boys-Girls-Clubs-300x252[1]On behalf of all the staff and participants of our day program, here at the Boys & Girls Club Services of Greater Victoria, thanks Dave and Ben – what a valuable community partner you are!!!